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ocsmount - Mount WebDAV URLs into your Mac

What is ocsmount?

ocsmount is a tool for macOS that can mount WebDAV servers into your local directory hierarchy. Your remote data will appear in the local file system like local files.

Why ocsmount ?

It works as a local optimizing proxy and performs faster than connecting to server via Finder.

It's transparent: You can still use Finder and all other macOS programs to work with your files.

For ownCloud and Nextcloud

You can use ocsmount also to mount your ownCloud and Nextcloud as a network drive into Finder.

The URL is usually in the form of:

For all WebDAV Cloud Storage Providers

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with in-app purchases.

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Some servers that work with ocsmount:

For (Office365)

Since version 2.2, ocsmount also supports URLs in the form of

For mapping your NAS as OS X network drive

WebDAV-speaking NAS are supported.

As usual, if the NAS is behind a router/firewall, you need to make sure you do port forwarding and dynamic DNS so you can reach it from the outside internet. (if desired)

How does it look like?

More Screenshots in macOS App Store

Download for OS X

Download free version with in-app purchases.

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Support and Feedback

Please e-mail us for free support. We are happy to help!

Important updates

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How can I change the local mount directory?

We are working on a way to do this directly from the app.
Meanwhile you can use the to create a symbolic link from the mount directory to any other location on your hard drive, e.g. into your home directory:

ln -s $HOME/Library/Containers/com.woboq.ocsmount.desktop/Data/Library/Volumes/OCSMOUNT $HOME/my_webdav_server
Use the Copy Path menu entry to get that first path.

Catalina: Why does it download all movies/images/music in the current directory?

Finder in new macOS version insists on creating thumbnails for the Finder icons. This is only a problem for directories with big files on slow connections. This is how you can avoid it:

Keychain Error when saving configuration

You might have switched from the free app to the paid app. Please open the Keychain Access utility on your Mac and search for "ocsmount" there. Delete the old entry then (from the free app).
Afterwards, saving should be possible.

Privacy Policy

ocsmount only connects to the URL you specify it to connect to. We don't receive or collect receive any data from you. For this website, the Woboq Privacy Policy applies.

ocsmount uses the help of a webservice called AppLanga to support translations. It also uses the help of a webservice called Revenuecat to support in-app purchases. Both services only receive the minimum amount of data needed to fulfill their purpose.

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