ocsmount - Mount WebDAV URLs into your Mac

Mount your ownCloud and Nextcloud as a network drive into Finder.
Performs faster on your machine than connecting to server via Finder.

Read/Write Mode

Support for Uploads (and deletes, creating directories, moving, ...) will be introduced in May/June 2019 with version 2.0.
Please leave your e-mail to get a notification when we have read/write access ready:

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Support and Feedback

Please e-mail us for free support. We are happy to help!

Privacy Policy

ocsmount only connects to the URL you specify it to connect to. We don't receive or collect receive any data from you. For this website, the Woboq Privacy Policy applies.

ocsmount uses the help of a webservice called AppLanga to support translations. It also uses the help of a webservice called Revenuecat to support in-app purchases. Both services only receive the minimum amount of data needed to fulfill their purpose.

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